Working from a mat has many advantages, choosing the right fit for a mat to work from is pivotal to becoming a powerful healer. So the technique can be effectively delivered to absorb in the body. It’s important to learn to listen to your body on what’s right for you. 

Featured Product

Leewadee Foldable Thai Mattress

Handmade with loving care – responsibly and sustainably within the frame work of the OTOP project Thailand. Size unfolded (BxTxH): 79x31x3 inches; Size folded up: 31x20x13 inches; Mattress thickness: 3.00 inches; Material: Kapok; Colour: light blue

Thai Yoga Massage Mats

Registered Massage Professionals


If you are a professional massage therapist, Thai Yoga Massage can serve as a complimentary set of tools that help further your practice. Many of our students are registered massage therapists.

Wellness Professionals


If your career is focussed on wellness, Thai Yoga Massage can provide additional techniques for managing your clients well being. Many of our students are nutritionists, healers, and more.

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